AC Hydraulic Pallet Truck

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Manual hydraulic pallet truck is a manual lifting equipment for handling goods. It is the easiest, most effective and most common loading and unloading tool in pallet transportation, and it is a good helper for goods handling in the workshop. Widely used in logistics, warehouses, factories and other places.

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Features of AC Casting Pump Hand Pallet Truck:

Hydraulic pallet truck can be use for high-lift loading or short distance transportation. 

With no sparks or electromagnetic, it’s especially suitable for transporting flammable and explosive goods in automobile loading, workshops ,warehouses, terminals, stations or freight yards, etc.

Pallet truck has the advantages of elevating balance, flexible rotation, light self weight and easy operation.

Integral casting pump is more beautiful and durable.

Imported integrated value core in long life. 

Chroming piston rod in strong structure.



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  • Model AC20 AC30 AC50
    Capacity(kg) 2000 3000 5000
    Min.fork height(mm) 80 80 85
    Max.fork height(mm) 190 190 200
    Steering Wheel(mm) 180*50 Nylon/Polyurethane 180*50 Nylon/Polyurethane 180*50 Nylon
    Fork Wheel 80*70 80*70  
    Overall height(mm) 1220
    Overall length(mm) 1560
    Fork width(mm) 550/685
    Fork length(mm) 1200
    Self Weight(kg) 62/65 68/70 130/140
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