DHS Electric chain hoist

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Features of DHS electric chain hoist:
DHS series hoist in resonable design has the advantages of advanced structure, small volumn, remarkable frame, great wear resistance, durability and easy maintenance.
It has the points of manual hoist and electric hoist in portability and high speed lifting.
Dsic type brake motor is in small volumn but high power.
All gears are in heat-treated high precision steel to ensure stable and low noisy working.
Two guide sprockets make stable chain lifting.
Wireless control is in option.

When using DHS electric chain hoist, please press the switch always. Clicking will cause frequent braking, the motor temperature will rise rapidly, or motor will burn out.
Motor heating is a normal phenomenon and the motor can withstand 180 degrees high temperature.
Disc motor is an intermittent working motor.Please have a rest when working for one hour.
There is no limit protection of DHS series electric chain hoist. So please stop operation when the load chain finishing.



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    Model DHS1 DHS2 DHS3 DHS5 DHS10
    Rated Capacity 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T
    Lifting Speed(m/min) 2.25 1.85 1.1 0.9 0.45
    Lifting Height 3-12m
    Motor Power(w) 500 750 750 750 750
    Rotation Speed(r/min) 1380
    Voltage 380V
    Net Weight(kg) 3m 36 45 42 57 115
    6m 40 52 50 70 142
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