KCD electric winch

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Multifunctional electric hoist has the main functions of electric chain hoists and winches. It can be widely used in residential construction, hanging slabs, hanging ash bricks, digging wells, freight yard warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops, small factories and mines, and can be used for any angle moving, lifting, loading and unloading.

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Features of KCD electric winch:

Pure cooper motor ensures continuous 24 hours work 
Aluminum cover is in beautiful surface and good heat dissipation
Heat treated gear box is in strong hardness for long life. 
 Bigger fan’s design helps heat dissipation
 Double hooks can be used for different application 
 Anti-rotation wire rope 
 Wireless control is option

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  • 1:Power supply demand :voltage 230V±10%,HZ:50Hz±1%.

    2.The user shall raise the goods within the effective minimum speed .The goods must be in a state of tightening to leave the ground, not to relax. 

    3:The electric hoist is not equipped with any of the rated weight limiter. 

    Therefore, if you can not lift the goods, please don’t insist on and let the motor cooling. 

    This means that the load exceeds the maximum capacity. 

    4:Please do not raise the goods in the absence of an unattended condition unless specific precautions have been taken. 

    5:Please use the 10A or 10A over current fuse circuit breaker to protect your electrical system. 

    6:Before the start of the operation, make sure that the wire rope is properly wrapped around the rope drum.  Please note the correct way that wire rope wrapped around rope tube. (see figure A below)

    Grease should be loaded on the wire rope when used.

    8.Electric hoist can not transport high temperature melt, also can not be used in low temperature or corrosive environment. 

    9. The electric hoist with a temperature of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, air humidity below 85%, the use of highly above sea level, 1000 meters below. 

    10.The lifting tool transport and storage temperature should be above -25 C, below 55 degrees Celsius. The maximum shall not exceed 70℃. 

    When the Electric Hoist run to 8000 time,have To detect and repair all devices.

    12.The electric hoist can not be used continuously. Operating rate for the intermittent cycle of work. 

    Work efficiency 40%–10min S3, for the intermittent work mode. 

    KCD electric winchKCD electric winch1

    Model Using Way Voltage Power(Kw) Lifting Speed Lifting Height(M) Unit Weight(Kg)
    200-400 Sing hook 220V 50HZ 1.75 20 30 33
    Double hooks 10
    400-800 Sing hook 10
    Double hooks 5
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