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How to make a electric winch? – Hoist factory process





Electric winch in PA type seems little and its capacity is only from 100kg-1000kg, but it includes about 77 parts. It’s composed of three main parts, motor, gearbox sets and frame, wire rope, drum, handling. Each part of the manufacturing must coordinate with each other to ensure quality. Keep in mind that all mini electric hoists are produced in China and have been sold worldwide. Let’s take a quick look at how the hoists are made? 

Overview of the PA electric winch manufacturing process


Not all electric hoist factories have the machining workshop.  Automation equipment guarantees hoist quality. After a series CNC machines operation, punching, casting, topping, polishing, high precision rotor, aluminium motor cover, gear, draft, the core of stator are made in this section.

They are the soul of motor and the key points of quality. 

maching workshop

2.The stator cooper coil making 

Motor, an important part of the electric hoist, gets its energy from the magnetic field generated by the coil. This high-quality copper coil will provide efficient energy conversion for the motor.

Winding the stator coil →Insert the coil into stator coil→Press the coil→Tie coil 

In the end, the whole tightly tied coils should have 8 hours of insulation treatment.

In this way, it can guarantee stator high-quality performance, thereby providing safe and reliable power for electric hoists.

electric hoist stator

3.Parts assembling. 

Spareparts ready, they are handed out to each position to compose before assembly in line. 

For example, the gear, flat key and intermediate shaft are pressed together.


motor hoist

The bearings are pressed into the front cover, back cover and gearbox cover separately.

electric hoist gearbox cover


Press the gearbox cover, gears, shaft together. 

gear parts


gearbox cover

4. Semi-finished motor assembled inline

After step 3, the main parts are produced and composed. Then we need to assembly stator, rotor, front cover, back cover, gearbox sets together.

This section will be finished in line and improves work efficiency greatly. About 800pcs semi-finished motor can be made in 1 day. 


5.Motor testing 

Turn on the power, 1.25 times rated capacity load for 5 ways. Then make a test without load and judge the motor current, noise, torque and braking performance. Mark and put the qualified and defective motors separately in pallets.


tensile test

6.Last step – Hoist assembly and package

Electric winch frame, wire rope, drums, handling are assembled in line and then packed in carton.

The last step is also very important, as there are many custom cover, label, manual, packaging requirements in this part. It’s very important for the customer’s company image.

electric hoist pacakge











Post time: Feb-14-2020