How to produce the load chain?

The lifting load chain plays a core role in the chain hoist. The diameter of the chain determines the thickness of the chain and thus the size of the load. The diameter of the chain hoist load chain is generally: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. The raw material of the chains is 20Mn2 alloy steel. Let’s see how the chains are manufactured.

1.The steel bar is straightened by the machine first, and then a notch is pressed on each section of the steel bar according to the size, which is convenient for cutting the steel bar when pressing the button later.

load chain

2.The machine presses each steel bar into an oval buckle and connects each buckle to form a long chain.

G80 load chain

3.The round buckle on the chain must be welded, and then subjected to high temperature heat treatment to ensure the strength, and the surface of the chain is electroplated to meet the anti-corrosion requirements.

20Mn2 lifting chain


Every process must be checked and tested and meets ISO3007-1984.

We must ensure the G80 load chain used for quality hand chain hoist meet EN818-2 in 4 times safety factor, 2.5 times tested capacity and 80N/mm² tensile.

G80 loadchain

Post time: Sep-04-2020