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The most comprehensive chain block knowledge

The chain block is a kind of manual hoisting machinery that is simple to use and easy to carry. It is also called chain hoist, chain fall, chain pulley block and other names. It is suitable for short-distance hoisting of small equipment items. The lifting weight is generally from 0.5T – 100T and the lifting height is generally 3 or 6 meters. It’s very labour-saving, low price, widely used in factories, mines, construction and other fields as installation machinery, hoisting equipment, especially in places without power, narrow space has obvious advantages.


Hand chain hoist classification

Chain hoists are subdivided into many types, and the common ones are divided into alloy steel, stainless steel, explosion-proof, and aluminium alloy chain hoists according to their materials.

According to the shape, it is divided into round, triangle, square and mini chain hoists.

Below are LIFTPAND chain block full items.


Hand chain hoist composition 

It is composed of the upper hook, middle working mechanism, lower hook, lifting chain, hand chain, etc. The upper hook is hung on the supporting object, and there is a shell under the upper hook, and a working mechanism is installed inside. The working mechanism includes lifting sprocket, hand sprocket, ratchet friction plate brake, transmission gear and shaft, etc. The load chain is driven by the lifting sprocket and connected with the lower hook. It is the hand chain that conveys the power of the human pull. The lower hook is used to hang cargo.

Below is LIFTPAND HSZ chain block composition. 


How does a hand chain hoist work?

The chain hoist is an upgraded version of the pulley, and completely inherits the advantages of the pulley. Using the principle of mechanics, chain hoist has labour saving by driving hand chain to generate traction. Then using the gear transmission method, the small gear drives the large gear to enlarge the torque. Pass it out so as to drive the load chain to complete the lifting of heavy objects.

chain block work

When the chain hoist lifts the goods upwards, pull the hand chain downwards to make the hand sprocket rotate in a clockwise direction, the hand sprocket rotates, the friction plate ratchet wheel and the brake are pressed together to rotate together, so the hand sprocket drives the transmission gears to drive so that the load sheave drives the chain to make the cargo lift steadily. The ratchet friction plate brake is adopted, which can automatically brake under load. The ratchet pawl engages with the gear under the action of the spring to ensure that the cargo stays in any position in the air and will not fall by itself.

chain block operation

When descending, pull down the other hand chain to make the chain wheel rotate counterclockwise. At this time, the pawl releases the ratchet, and it can descend smoothly under the weight of the lower hook. When the hand chain stops pulling, the brake immediately Restore the brake function, so that the goods can be stopped at any position.

chain hoist lifting

Safety and maintenance of chain hoists

As a kind of lifting equipment, the chain hoist needs to carry several tons or dozens of tons of gravity during use. If the operation is improper or the product quality is unqualified, it will cause a safety accident.

When purchasing, select the corresponding specifications according to the needs of users. The specifications can only be large or not, and cannot exceed the carrying weight of the product during use. Check the appearance of the hoist and the quality of chain welding.

Before use, check whether the components are complete and firm and whether the hand chain has slipped or dropped.

When using, do not pull the chain diagonally, do not pull heavy objects diagonally, or pull it horizontally. It is strictly forbidden to pull with force other than human power. When lifting or lowering, it is strictly forbidden to stand or walk under heavy objects. When using a chain hoist First pull the hand chain backwards to relax the lifting chain so that it has a sufficient lifting distance, and then slowly lift it.

Regular maintenance is required after use, and the transmission parts should be lubricated to reduce friction.

50T chain block HSZ 50T chain block

With the development of technology, electric hoists have appeared, and various small lifting equipment have also appeared. They are more labor-saving and more efficient. Will manual hoists gradually withdraw from the stage of history with development?

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were hand chain hoists in the world. For almost a century, hand chain hoists have been continuously improved and upgraded. They are also affected by the environment or space. Chain hoists are still the best choice. Will play an important role on this stage.


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