PDK Multi plate clamp

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Suitable for lifting and transport of multiple steel plates .

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Features of PDK Multiple plate clamp:

Manufactured from high quality carbon steel.

Avoid snatch or shock loading.

The working load limit is the maximum load that the clamp are authorized to support when used in pairs with a lift angle of 60°.In lifting operations four clamps must at least always be used in pairs or multiples.

According to the plate can be suspended adjust the thickness of the clamp position of the tongue. 


Dimension of PDK plate

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  • Model WLL Jaw Opening Weight
    tonnes mm kg
    PDK3 3 0-180 19
    PDK4.5 4.5 0-240 26
    PDK6 6 0-240 40
    PDK8 8 0-240 51
    PDK15 15 0-240 72
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