YC Beam clamp

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Providing a quick and versatile rigging point for hoists. 

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Features of YC beam clamp:

Manufactured from low carbon high grade alloy steel.

Lock the spindle counter-clockwise and loosen the clamp opening.Clamp the inferior border of I-steel as the picture. Lock the spindle clockwise to clamp tightly.

The shackle is designed together with the body.

Forbidding overload. 


dimension of beam clamp

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  • Model WLL Jaw Opening Weight
    tonnes mm kg
    YC1 1 75-220 4.2
    YC2 2 75-220 4.8
    YC3 3 80-320 9.2
    YC5 5 80-320 11.2
    YC10 10 90-320 16.2
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